Writing Stein rules

Let's say you want to create a policy for the next YAML file.

apiVersion: v1
  name: my-service
  # namespace: echo   <-- OMITTED
    app: MyApp
  - protocol: TCP
    port: 80
    targetPort: 9376

This is Kubernetes YAML of Service manifest. The field metadata.namespace in Service can be omitted. However, let's say you want to define it explicitly and force the owner to specify this. In such a case, rule block is useful. A rule is simple block which can be represented by simple DSL schema by using HCL.

The rule suitable for this case is as follows.

rule "namespace_specification" {
  description = "Check namespace name is not empty"

  conditions = [
    "${jsonpath("metadata.namespace") != ""}",

  report {
    level   = "ERROR"
    message = "Namespace is not specified"

The most important attributes in rule block is conditions list.

This list is a collections of boolean values. If this list contains one or more false values, this rule will fail. The failed rule will output an error message according to the report block.

By the way, jsonpath is provided as a built-in function. The available functions are here: Interpolation Syntax.