Command: fmt

The stein fmt command formats a policy source to a canonical format.

Usage: stein fmt [options] FILE ...

This command formats all the specified policy files to a canonical format.

By default, policy files are overwritten in place. This behavior can be changed with the -write flag. If a specified FILE is - then stdin is read and the output is always written to stdout.

The command-line flags are all optional. The list of available flags are:

  • -write=true - Write formatted policy to the named source file. If false, output will go to stdout. If multiple files are specified, the output will be concatenated directly.
  • -check=false - Don't format, only check if formatting is necessary. Files that require formatting are printed, and a non-zero exit code is returned if changes are required.
$ stein fmt -check test.hcl
   config {
     report {
       format = "{{.Level}}: {{.Rule}}: {{.Message}}"
-      style = "console"
-      color = true
+      style  = "console"
+      color  = true